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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unit 2: Lesson 18 CHRIST HAS RISEN

1) Welcome Activity:

2) Songs: Start the Story Hour with the learning our names song. Go around the circle or table and introduce each child.

3) Prayer... praise God for his amazing work of salvation!

4) Theme: Remind the children of the theme of the unit: God sends his greatest gift, Jesus Christ our Saviour. John 1:14 “we beheld his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father”
Tell them that they are going to hear a Bible Story again today that shows the glory of God through the resurrection of his son. Jesus died. But that was not the end of the story. After three days, God raised him from the dead!

5) Bible Story: Today’s Story is about the Resurrection of Christ. Read pages 435-446 from the Read and Learn Bible (Scholastic).

6) Text: Today’s Text is: “He is not here; he has risen!” Luke 24: 6a

7) Craft:

  • EASTER SPICES Cut a cross from sandpaper. Punch a hole in the top of the cross and string a length of ribbon through it to make a hanger. Explain that when the women went to the tomb they took sweet smelling spices to put on Jesus' body. Remind the children that when the women got to the tomb they discovered that Jesus had risen from the dead. Color the crosses and then decorate them with glitter glue and then help them sprinkle spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, etc. on the wet glue.
  • Jesus Is Alive Cross!
    You'll need:card stock,decorating tools (crayons,paints,markers...)
    Directions:On a piece of card stock make a cross to cover most of the page. Using another piece of cardstock, make a smaller cross that can fit into the larger cross. On the smaller cross write the scripture "JESUS IS ALIVE! Luke 24:23". Tape the large cross on a piece of card stock. Have the children decorate the paper...doesn't matter if they get the paint, crayon or marker on the cross. After the children are done decorating, take the cross off of the card stock. Glue the smaller cross in the middle of the space left on the cardstock when you removed the large cross.Other ideas: ,- you can cut around the cross,- put a magnet on the back to hang it on the refridgerator,- hole punch a hole on the top, tread string through the hole and hang on a door knob (or wherever),After the paint dries, tell the children that the paint on the cross represents our sin (our bad choices), but when Christ died on the cross, he died so that our sins could be forgiven. At this point, peel the cross off the page to reveal the white card stock ( the undecorated under the cross) and say...Now we are as white as snow. Our sins are forgiven. Jesus died to take away our sins.
  • "He Lives!" Easter Wreath
    You'll need:paper plate,construction paper,stapler,glue,markers,hole punch,yarn
    Directions:Ahead of time: Cut out the center of the paper plate. The outside of ring of the plate will be used as the wreath base. Have the child cut several spring flowers out of construction paper (Easter lillies, tulips). If the children are young - you can cut several flowers out ahead of time. Make several leaves to add to the wreath. Now glue the flowers and leaves all around the wreath base. Cut a 2"x5" banner out of yellow construction paper and write "He Lives!" on it with marker. Glue this to the bottom of the wreath. Punch a hole at the top of the wreath, and add a loop of yarn for the hanger.
  • Easter Lilies: These lilies are made from a child's handprint (on paper) stapled to a straw. You can make an entire bouquet of flowers for a great gift or Spring decoration.
    Supplies needed: Construction paper, Pencil, Scissors Green pipe cleaners (or straws), Tape or glue, Stapler. Trace a child's hand on construction paper. Cut the tracing out.
    Curl each of the fingers around a pencil. Using the palm of the handprint, form a cone (with the fingers curling outwards). Glue or tape the cone together. Staple the flower to a pipe cleaner or a drinking straw. Draw some leaves on green construction paper, then cut them out. Staple or tape the leaves to the straw. Make a few of these flowers for a beautiful bouquet.
  • Stained Glass Window: Cut out cross shapes in the inside of a piece of construction paper, leaving the outside edge intact.  Provide the children with lots of strips of colored tissue paper.  Use a big paint brush to apply white glue around the outside edges of the cross and show the children how to lay the strips across in order to fill in the entire space.  Allow to dry, trim the edges of tissue paper that extend beyond the construction paper and hang on the window in your classroom to display them.

8) Closing Prayer... say the Lord's Prayer together with the children

9) Going Home: Round the children up again and sing the closing song together. Check to see if all the children have collected their crafts and coloring sheets before they go home. Say goodbye and tell them that you enjoyed learning about God together and were happy to have them today! You were, weren’t you?

10) Optional Coloring Pages:

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