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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Opening and Closing Songs

What are the "opening" or "learning our names" song and "closing" song?
Why do we need to sing them every lessons?
Singing a familiar song each lessons helps get the children's attention and focus on the beginning of the lesson or signal the end of the lesson. Children love repetition, especially at this age! Little ones love to hear their names in a song and this helps them to get to know one another's names, too.

Opening Song/ Learning our names song:

(sing to the tune of “The More we get together”)

Thank you God for (name)
For (name), for (name)
Thank you God for (name)
We’re glad (s) he is here!
Closing Song:
(sung to the tune of The More we Get Together,
just like the opening song)

We love to learn together,
Together, together
We love to learn together
And give thanks to God.

Also can be sung with: “sing” or “pray” or “work”

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