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Monday, May 11, 2009

Glanbrook - Coloring Pages File Box

Alice had a great idea on Sunday! We are going to add a file box in our Story Hour area with a labeled file folder for each Bible story.

How is this helpful?
  • Before your lesson, check the file to see if there are any leftover coloring sheets or cut-out craft pieces in your lesson's file. That can save you some time!

  • After your lesson, file away any extra coloring sheets that you may have printed/photocopied for your lesson. Also, if you prepared more crafts than you needed (I usually prepare for 12 children, although our average is 8), tuck the extra craft materials into a zip-lock baggie or clip them together with a paper clip and add them to the file for next time.

As we go through the lessons, we should be able to collect a file of extra materials so that you can grab a few extra if you have a large crowd that day, and you can pull out an extra coloring page if you have a busy, coloring-friendly group.

* Not in Glanbrook? What do you do with left-over craft materials and coloring sheets?

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