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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Paint/Glue Dabbers

How do you paint on Sunday?! Easy, use these:

I LOVE these paint dabbers from Crafty Dab. The colors are bright; they dry very quickly; they are super washable; they are sooo neat and clean that you can paint at church in your sunday clothes with NO mess. Gotta love them!

They are available at Michael's (among other places...)

You can check them out here:
...and have a tub of baby wipes handy for a quick clean up!

They also make glue dabbers. I have tried them out with my children and find them to be as wonderful at the paint dabbers. Neat, clean and easy to apply. However, this glue is good only for paper to paper. If you are gluing on something heavier (like yarn or googly eyes) or attaching things that need to take some wear (like paper around a toilet roll to make a "puppet" toy), stick with trusty white glue. If the lid is left off by accident, you can simply rinse the dabber under warm water and ta-da - back in business! Who could ask for anything more?

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